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Summer Theological Seminars
It is impossible to overstate the value and significance of these theological seminars for the coming into being and further growth of the Lutheran Theological Seminary as well as for the whole state of Lutheranism in Siberia, other parts of Russia, and countries of the CIS. Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne provided teachers for these seminars, and so from the very beginning the seminar participants were privileged not only to hear sound confessional Lutheran theology as such, but to hear it from the best scholars in the appropriate fields. Of course, besides Fort Wayne seminary professors there came also parish pastors or, in case of Dr. Ronald Feuerhahn, professors of Concordia Seminary in St. Louis.
The first seminar in 1996 was a very special occasion. It is very difficult to render accurately the degree of excitement that was prevalent among seminar participants. Many young people came from various places of Russia to learn about Lutheran theology.

Ever since the Soviet Union disappeared, Siberia, and especially Novosibirsk, has been a very popular place among generic Protestant missionaries (and among all sorts of sects and cults coming in). Very often these groups organized some special events. Things that were taught at their conferences were not compatible with Lutheran incarnational theology. And now for the first time it was the Lutherans who had their chance to gather together for mutual encouragement and for the witness of Scriptural truth to the outsiders! The truths that the coming guest teachers offered to the audience, literally had an effect of the bomb explosion. All protestant and pietistic biases of a number of people were swept away by the vigorous presentations of Professors Weinrich, Just, Marquart, Quill and Hogg.

During the second seminar, in the middle of it, the LTS building was formally consecrated. Fr. Dean Wenthe, President of Concordia Theological Seminary, was the presiding minister at this service. A totally new dimension has been given to the summer seminars. Also “The Beginning” film was taken largely during this seminar.

Beginning from 1998 the seminars began to be called “traditional.” And it was remarkable to have obtained such tradition of annual event of theological learning. Lutheran Theological Seminary was already in existence, so these seminars became a good place for practical work of the seminars, and, in turn they provided a very good opportunity for recruitment. Thus, enrollment of a new group in 1999 was largely possible due to the summer seminars, where people got to know about the seminary, while Fr. Alan Ludwig, seminary professor, was giving lectures at the seminar, thus giving a glimpse in his teaching of what the seminary training would be.

Below are listed all pastors and professors who taught at the Summer Seminars in Novosibirsk (the offered courses are specified). We want to acknowledge their hard work, heartily thank them for it, and reassure them that their work was not in vain. Gospel is being preached in the new corners of Siberia, the Word of God brings new people to faith and salvation. The summer theological seminars and the missionary labor of those people who are getting equipped at the seminars, are instrumental for making many people the part of the Body of Christ – His Holy Christian Church.

Most of all we want to thank God who has been so benevolent to us poor sinners, that He by His mercy has given us these wonderful teachers and brothers in faith so that we share the same the same joy in Christ, in his Word, in his Body and Blood in the Supper, even being physically separated by many thousands of miles, being literally at the opposite parts of the earth.


Summer Seminar I. July 1996.
Arthur Just Gospel of Luke
William Weinrich Early Church History
Tim Quill Liturgy
Charles Hogg Confessions
Kurt Marquart Sacraments
Summer Seminar II. July 1997.
Charles Hogg Confessions
Kurt Marquart Apologetics / Evangelical Sacraments
Larry Nickols Cults
Timothy Quill Liturgy
Jim Kalthoff Law-Gospel Preaching
Dean Wenthe Old Testament / Hermeneutics
Barbara Resch Music / Children
Arthur Just Luke / Acts
David Scaer Matthew as Catechesis
William Weinrich Councils and Creeds / Gospel of John
Summer Seminar III. July 1998.
Ronald Feuerhahn History of the Church after Reformation
Scott Murray 1 Corinthians 10 and 11 / Christian Life
John Saleska Old Testament Survey / New Testament Survey
Kurt Marquart Scripture, Tradition, Reason, and Experience
Summer Seminar IV. July 1999.
Alan Ludwig Psalms
David Scaer Synoptic Gospels
John Finnee Lutheran Doctrine
Scott Klemtz Small Catechism
Summer Seminar V. July 2000.
Horrace Hummel Christ in the Old Testament
Charles Evanson Christology
Scott Bruzek Sacramental Theology
Timothy Quill Christ in the Liturgy
Summer Seminar VI. June-July 2001.
Alan Ludwig Gospel of John
Charles Evanson Lutheran Confession
Brian Mosemann Sacraments
Timothy Quill Liturgy

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