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This page describes the living arrangements of professors and students at Lutheran Theological Seminary. The housing accomodations are sixfold:

Apartment for Alan and Patricia Ludwig.

This apartment was purchased in 1997 and renovated and furnished in 1997-1998. Its original purpose was to host the seminary’s guest professors. The apartment was used for this purpose after it was renovated in 1998, when Rev. and Mrs. Lange and then Rev. and Mrs. Feuerhahn stayed there in the spring of the 1997-1998 academic year. When Fr. Alan Ludwig was called by the seminary to assume the teaching post, however, the seminary offered the apartment to the Ludwig family for their living. It turned out to be not a bad arranegement, because by the time they moved to Novosibirsk, the apartment was already prepared for their stay.

The apartment is situated right on the edge of a forest that separates it from the seminary. However, it is not always possible to go for a pleasant walk in the woods: sometimes in the winter it is very cold, and in the spring, with the snow melting, it is muddy. Still, Siberian nature is very pretty. The Eltsovka district (where the apartment is located) is one of the most ecologically safe places in Novosibirsk. The apartment has three rooms: a living room, a bedroom, and a study. All basic facilities are present as well.

Rented apartment for guest professors.

Since the Ludwigs moved to live and work in Novosibirsk, the need arose to acquire another place for guest professors. For a while, guest professors stayed either in one of the seminary rooms or at the Ludwig’s apartment. This was not a convenient arrangement. Finally the seminary rented another apartment for visiting professors. It is not as nice (a nice place is very seldom rented out in Novosivbirsk). On the other hand, it gives guest professors a great deal of familiarity with the accomodations of a typical old Soviet apartment. With two rooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom, this apartment serves well for a professor coming for a short term, say, 2 or 3 weeks. There is a modern computer in this apartment with Internet access and a printer for studies and work. The e-mail at this apartment is LTSguest@mail.nsk.ru.

There are plans for LTS to purchase an apartment for the purpose of hosting guest professors and other seminary visitors. We hope to be able to do this in the year 2000.

Students’ rooms at the seminary.

Students at LTS enjoy fairly good accommodations. The standards are average or low compared to the Western level, but compared to Russian standards they are relatively high. There are 8 rooms on the seminary’s top floor; 7 of them used for students (the seminary installed a new copier and publishing facilities in one of the rooms as there was no other place for them). At present each student lives in his own room. The students share several combined toilet and shower facilities. A typical student room includes such furniture items as a table, chair, bed, wardrobe, bookshelf, and chest of drawers. These are ideal conditions for a student's work and studies.

Student apartment.

In 1999 it became clear that the seminary building would not be able to house all the students if a new group was to be recruited. So we acquired an apartment, which is used as an additional dormitory for the students. At present 4 students live there. Also, some monthly seminar guests stay there while they are in Novosibirsk. There is one room in the apartment for the students’ studies and leisure time. A computer is placed there, so the students living in the student apartment do not have to stay at the seminary until late at night when they need to write papers. There is no phone at the apartment now, but one should be installed next summer. The bus stop is conveniently close to the apartment, so students can easily go to Akademgorodok or Novosibirsk if they need to.

Rented apartments for married students.

LTS rents apartments for the married students. The seminary has a limited capacity for students with families. On the other hand, married students bring more stability to seminary life, and so their presence at the seminary is beneficial. Presently the seminary rents 3 apartments. Each of them has 2 rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a toilet—in other words, the same facilities as the guest professor’s apartment. Two of the families have 2 children each, while the third has 1 child. All the apartments are in the Nizhniaya Eltsovka district, a 15-minute ride or 40-minute walk from the seminary. All of these apartments have telephones. Two of them were rented with most of the necessary furniture, but for the third apartment we had to order furniture, which we hope will serve the following generations of students.

Guest room at the seminary.

This is a room on the ground floor in the basement of the seminary. In the beginning the plan was to use it to house all seminary guests. At that time it could accommodate as many as 6 persons. In 1999, however, because of the seminary's problems with the sewer, it was decided that it was not expedient to use this room for this number of guests. In addition, the monthly seminars moved to the Bible Lutheran Church office in the 1999-2000 academic year. As of now, the seminary administration may let 1 or 2 people stay in this room for a short period of time, depending on the purpose of their visit. Monthly seminar participants for the most part no longer stay here, but rather the seminary rents dormitory rooms for them in Akademgorodok for the time of the seminar. Now there are 4 beds in the seminary guest room instead of 6, as the seminary let some married students to take beds for their needs.

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